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This review applies to version 2.1. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

PCView is a windows application for controlling radio navigation receivers.

PCView provides the following functions:
- A way to connect a JNS receiver and a computer via serial, parallel, USB or Ethernet ports (Direct Connection Mode).
- Internet Server feature that provides the ability for Internet Clients to get access to a JNS receiver from a remote distance.
To do this, the user can run PCView in Internet Server mode on a computer connected to the Internet.
- Internet Client feature that provides remote access to a JNS receiver connected with Internet Server. In this case the user can run his/her PCView in Internet Client Mode.
- Tracking of the total number and the status of all visible satellites.
- Displaying the receiver’s current position and time in real time.
- Controlling the recording of raw data measurements into the receiver’s internal memory.
- Downloading collected raw data measurements (log files) from the receiver’s internal memory onto the computer’s disk drives.
- Recording, in real time, the receiver’s raw data measurements on the computer’s disk in JNS and RINEX formats. To generate RINEX files, the executable file jps2rin.exe must be installed on your PC.
- Display, in real time, the graph of the receiver’s current position and the satellite sky plot.
- Displaying and programming the receiver’s settings (such as Data Recording Interval, Position Computation Mode, etc.)
- Display of the current receiver options and loading of Option Authorization Files into the receiver.
- Creating and uploading configuration script files to the receiver.

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